Knowledge of food oil

The use of oil

1. Eat. It is one of the three main nutrients (carbohydrate, protein and oil) that human body must not lack. Consumption is one of the signs of living standard. To provide essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins absorption conditions, energy, improve flavor.
2. Industry. Paint, medicine, lubricating oil, bio diesel, etc. Its derivatives are used in many industrial sectors.
3. Feed. Animals need less. Plants don’t need it at all. Oil crops and some animals are biochemical plants that synthesize oils and fats.

Oil storage

Four fears: heat, oxygen, light (especially ultraviolet), impurity (especially copper, followed by iron, is the catalyst for oil deterioration).

Oil seeds

At present, animal and plant parts and microorganisms with oil content of more than 10% are usually used as oil-making oil, and the oil-bearing parts of plants are generally seed and pulp.

1、 Vegetable oil:

1) Herbaceous oil: soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sesame, cottonseed (five major oil crops in China), etc.
2) Woody oil: palm kernel, fruit; coconut kernel, fruit; olive fruit, kernel, etc., Tung seed is unique to China.
3) By products: rice bran, corn germ, wheat germ, grape seed, etc.

2. Quality index of plant oil

1) Total oil content (excluding Daza).
2) Moisture content.
3)  Impurity content.
4)  Imperfect grain content.
5)  Mildew rate (fatty acid value).
6) Pure kernel rate of shelled oil.

Oil production process

1. Secondary press oil making process.
2. Pre press leaching process.
3. Direct extraction process.
4. One press oil making process.
Different raw materials have different oil making processes

The main oil production processes are as follows:

1. Soybean: there are one-time extraction process and cold pressing process. Because of the different quality requirements of soybean meal, one-time extraction has peeling, expansion and low-temperature desolvention process.
2. Rapeseed: is generally pre press extraction process, there are peeling, expansion extraction process.
3. Peanut kernel: due to different oil making processes, it can produce common peanut oil and Luzhou flavor peanut oil.
4. Cottonseed: the existing pre press extraction and expansion extraction process, the extraction process has single solvent conventional leaching and double solvent partial leaching process.
5. Sesame: due to the different oil making process, there are common sesame oil, machine-made sesame oil and Xiaomo sesame oil.

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