How often do the accessories of screw press be replaced?

Many customers will ask how often to replace the accessories of the screw press when they buy it? It seems that the user’s attention to this problem is very high. Today, on this opportunity, I’d like to answer these questions in detail for you.

Carefully analyze, oil press accessories are divided into wearing parts and components. As the name implies, wearing parts are parts that need to be replaced frequently, and the parts have a long life and do not need to be replaced. The wearing parts and spare parts of the oil machine.

The wearing parts of screw oil press generally include: press spindle, press screw, bushing ring, bushing, feed leaf, cake ring, scraper, press bar, etc.

Spiral oil press parts generally include: oil press body, press cage, frame, etc.

The capacity of 260 oil press is 30-50 tons. Why is the treatment capacity so poor? This is mainly determined according to the oil. For example, when the screw press presses peanuts, the hardness of the peanuts is low, so it is easier to press, and the wear of the machine is small. Therefore, the replacement cycle of accessories is longer and the processing capacity is larger. When pressing melon seeds, it is pressed with a shell. The hardness of the oil is high, and the internal wear of the press chamber of the oil press is relatively serious. The cycle of replacing accessories will be shorter, and the processing capacity will be relatively small. In general, except for the vulnerable parts, the screw oil press has been used for more than ten years without any problems. The accessories of our screw oil press are all processed by 24-hour high-temperature carbon and nitrogen treatment. We have our own professional technical personnel, advanced production workshop, professional production team and sales team. 100% guarantee product quality and after-sales service.
The screw oil press is mainly composed of press chamber, frame, gear box, screw total distance and feed port. Some accessories in the press shaft and gear box are easy to replace. These accessories are mainly screw shaft, screw press, lining ring, bushing, cake ring, scraper, press bar, big and small gear wheel, bearing, shaft sleeve, etc. the accessories will wear after a long time of service, Some slag, slag, or low output, no material, that is, the parts of your machine are sick and need to be replaced.

Post time: Jan-06-2021