Horizontal Leaf Filter for Oil

Short Description:

Filter Area: 25-200㎡
Usage: Oil Impurities
Structure: Horizontal
Performance: Efficient Filtration
Automation level: Full automatic
Packing: Wrapping with plastic film

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Horizontal vibration filter is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, automatic airtight filtration precision clarification equipment. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It has the following features:
1) completely sealed filtration, no leakage, no environmental pollution.
2) the screen plate automatically pulls out the structure, which is convenient for observation and cleaning.
3) double side filtration, large filtration area and large amount of slag.
4) vibration slag discharge, reduce labor intensity.
5) hydraulic control, automatic operation.
6) the equipment can be made into a large capacity and large area filtration system.

1) the recovery of dry filter cake, semi dry filter cake and clarification filtrate.
2) chemical industry: sulfur, aluminum sulfate, compound compounds, plastics, dye intermediates, bleaching fluids, lubricating oil additives, polyethylene.
3) the food industry: juice, oil, dewaxing and degreasing, decoloration.

3. Technical parameter:

Area series/ (㎡) Cylinder diameter series( mm) Pressure

working temperature


Processing capacity about (T/h.㎡)ssss
25,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,80,90,100,120,140,160,180,200 1200,1400,1500,1600,1700,1800,2000 0.4 150 oil 0.2
Drinks 0.8

If there are special requirements, we can make improvements according to users' requirements.

4.Working principle:
The filter pump will pump the filtrate into the tank and fill it into the tank. Under the action of pressure, the solid impurities in the filtrate are intercepted by the filter net on the filtrate, and the filter cake is formed on the filter net. The filtrate is filtered through the filter into the outlet pipe through the filter, and then the clear filtrate is obtained.
With the increasing of filtration time, more and more solid impurities are kept on the filter net, making the thickness of the filter cake increasing, which makes the resistance of the filter increase and the pressure in the tank rises. When the pressure rises to a certain value, it needs slag discharge, and the filtrate is stopped in the pipe, and the compressed air is blown into the tank by the overflow pipe, and the tank is filtered. Hydraulic pressure into other containers, and blow dry cake. Close the compressed air, open the butterfly valve, start the vibrator, so that the filter blade vibration, the filter cake on the filter screen vibration and discharged through the bottom of the tank slag outlet.

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