Effective cold soy bean oil expeller

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Port: Tianjin, China
Production Capacity: 10TPD
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union and etc
Type: Physical Pressing Machines
Application: Press Multi Oilseed
Voltage: Vertical
Appearance: Spiral
Press Materials: Cottonseed
Press Series: Cold Press

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Large Screw Oilseed Pressing Machinery

200B Model Large Automatic Cotton Seed Cold Pressing Oil Press Machine

This Oil Machine it is designed to use physical mechanical pressing way to press oil from oil seed. This oil machine is suitable for the extraction of vegetable oils and fats, it’s such as rapeseed, peanut, groundnut, sesame seed, cottonseed, coconut, sunflower seeds and other vegetable oils can be squeezed.
Model 200B oil press is a cold press improved on the basis of Model 200 oil press. There are many customers for pressing cottonseed, which is suitable for medium and large-scale cottonseed oil factory and feed factory.


Input Capacity

Residual Oil in the Cake



Net Weight (KGS)


8-10Ton per 24 hours






1. The structure is perfect, the management is simple and durable:
The machine is compact in structure and large in output, but the machine body occupies little space and is strong and durable. It is very simple to use and control. As far as the oil is concerned, the thickness of the slag cake can be known at all times. If you want to adjust it, you can only pull the handle and the special cake wrench. The gears are immersed in oil, and the gear surfaces are hardened by heat treatment. The main shaft of the press is made of high quality alloy steel. Therefore, long term use can be guaranteed. The squeezing screw and squeezing bar of the squeezing cage are also treated by carbonizing, so they are durable for more than 3 months, though they are subjected to high temperature wear and tear at night and day.

2 . Automatic continuous work
The grain from feeder to inlet into the feed head, then go to the press cage. Oil seed is squeezed out by the compressed oil of each snail, and it is squeezed out, and it flows into dregs cage and then sent into the storage tank, and the slag cake is discharged after the machine. So the whole process of oil squeezing from the raw material to the oil out of the cake is automatic and continuous, so the grain, the temperature, the water content and the cake are thick and thin. In the future, we only need to pay attention to the feeding pointer, the ampere ampere number, and adjust it. The oil press can work continuously and continuously for a long time, so the management is simple and the labor force is saved.

The pictures of Screw  Edible Oil Pressing Expeller Machinery is as below:

img (2)
img (3)
img (1)


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