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Hebei Huipin Machinery Co.,LTD

We are a large-scale grain and oil equipment enterprise specializing in scientific research, design, production, sales and engineering installation.

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Our Products

HP Products&Mechine

After more than 40 years of development, the company now has a first-class grease equipment production base, professional grease technical engineers and experts, as well as advanced production technology and precision equipment. All grease equipment and accessories are produced independently.

Our company's complete set of oil production line equipment, raw material cleaning, pretreatment, leaching, refining, filling and by-product processing (such as phospholipid engineering, protein engineering) are developed by our company together with domestic scientific research institutions and institutions. Advanced oil production technology is applicable to all kinds of large, medium and small oil plants. Our company will also be based on customer requirements and future development for customer design and factory layout, old plant transformation, to solve the problems faced by customers in oil production.

Any questions? We have the answers.

We will make plans and quotations for customers according to their needs.
And our engineers will be responsible for guiding the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and responsible for the training of workshop operators until they run well.

Why Choose Us

Our company adheres to the enterprise concept of "reputation first, science and technology leading", and has gradually formed a service-oriented corporate culture. Adhere to a high starting point, high standards, to provide customers with quality personalized service.

"Huipin" tenet: devote ourselves to the development of grain and oil industry with our ability!

"Huipin" concept: reputation first, leading technology!

"Huipin" service tenet: full and comprehensive customer service!

Our Services

After-sale service
1. 12 month warranty except the wearing parts
2. Detailed English User Manual will be issued with the machine
3. Broken parts of the quality problem(except the wearing parts) will be sent free
4.Timely respond to customer's technical problem
5.New products update for customer reference

Pre-sale service
1.Keep 24 hours online to answer customer's inquiry and online message
2.According to customer's requirement,guide customer choose the best suitable model
3.Offer detailed machine specification,pictures and best factory price

Welcome customers to visit and negotiate business!